For metal stamping parts,Can LML provide samples for testing before the mould is opened?

A:Yes,LML can provide handmade samples for testing before open mould if you want. Handmade samples no need to make big and complex metal stamping mould and the cost is very low, it’s no need to choose to make mould if the design is not confirmed, thus avoiding to pay high fee for mold modification because of design change .We all know the mass production of metal stamping parts need metal stamping mould to finish,but some of the customers’ product design is not confirmed,they want to change something according to the samples test result,and need samples confirmation before start mass production,some customers request make mould directly to make samples,so we will do it as customers different requirements. LML is willing to provides handmade samples to help the customer to complete the test, also willing to start to open mould after customers confirm the design and handmade samples.

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