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Can LML quote for one product without the drawings and samples

A:In principle, LML can not provide quotation without accurate drawings and complete requirements.If you need an estimate of the cost to determine whether your idea is reasonable, LML can provide a rough quotation.In order to help you obtain accurate quotation, LML will design according to your idea, completing the drawing, then provide the quotation after you confirm the drawing.

Can LML complete the production without drawings and samples?

A:Yes,LML could complete the production.It is very necessary to test the samples and confirm the drawings before production, and LML will assist you in these steps. 

How long can LML offer the quotation with details?

A:Usually the detailed quotation will be sent to our customers within three days,but if our customer need a quotation urgently,we will give priority to dealing with this quotation within one day.

Can the customer learn about the production processes and situation?

A:Yes,LML will provide pictures/video of materials,samples,packing even pictures/video of production processes to our customers to confirm. 

How does LML to deal with the complaints from customers?

A:We have being attaching much importance to the quality of products and services for our customers and spare no efforts to provide the best services and high quality goods at any time.We have only received one complaint from our customer about the quality of one product until now.So what will we do to deal with the quality complaints?Firstly,we will analysis carefully what leads the product to be unqualified.Then we will take the corresponding measures according to the different reasons.If the product just go wrong during manufacturing,we will send the replacements to the customer free of charge as soon as we can.Contrary,if the original design of the product is not reasonable,we are very pleased to help our customer make design without charging any money and all you have to do is just confirming whether the samples according to the design updated is ok!

How does LML to deal with the wrong price for an order has been placed?

A:We will perform production and send the products to our customer on time in accordance with the contract if the quote is just a little lower than the market price but almost the same.On the other hand,if the quote is higher than the market price,we will readjust the price and produce the products according to the market price. If the price is too far from the actual price,we will negotiate with our customer to adjust and make the biggest concession to satisfy you.

Does LML accept orders with small quantity ?

A:All the orders will be accepted no matter the order quantity is large or not.If we are really too busy to deal with your order,we will contact our partner companies to produce ,meanwhile we will also select the most economic firms, the cheap and high quality transportation to reduce the your costing.The way we think is usually standing in the customer’s point of view.

What measures will LML take to deal with the order was canceled?

A:The customer wanted to cancel the project after paid deposit, if there are not too much cost caused by the customers, they will refund the deposit in full;The customer can cancel directly for no pay the deposit and also can cancel if we have not buy the material.But we will refund you money after the deduction of the cost caused by the order and send the list of expense to you if the order causes a larger cost.  

What advantages does LML have on controlling the cost?

A:a.LML is good at combining different processes,not only to ensure the perfect appearance and reasonable function, but also to reduce the cost.  b.LML has the capability of making the most reasonable design according to the customer’s demand,thus to shorten manufacturing time which leads the cost to be decreased ,meanwhile the appearance can be remained perfect and the function can meet your requirement.