New customer Joe visit LML

New customer Joe visit LML


Joe is a new customer for LML as he started to cooperate with LML since 2019.

New customer Joe visit LML
            New customer Joe visit LML
Joe is a new customer for LML as he started to cooperate with LML since 2019.He is an 
American who immigrated to China this year and his cases are always followed by 
Helen.Hearing himself and Helen said that he also bought a house in the countryside of 
Hunan Province, China for holidays. Because he likes the rural environment and air very 
much. He is an American who really loves Chinese culture.

On April 23th, 2019, Joe told Helen that he wanted to visit LML on 25th or 26th..Because 
there was a very urgent project and there is no drawing.Joe only had samples on hand,so 
they needed to communicate face to face.Coincidentally, the foreign trade team led by 
Helen was on vacation in Thailand now,because their sales team overfulfilled the annual 
target,therefore they were scheduled to spend their vacation in Thailand from April 21 to 
April 28, which was really inconvenient for them to receive Joe on 25th.After learning 
about this situation, Joe still insisted on coming. In the end, LML's General manager Mike 
replaced Helen and received Joe and his Chinese assistant Miss Peng.Joe and Miss 
Peng came to LML with samples at 9:00 on the morning of the 26th April. Mike and the 
engineers also waited for them at the company early.During this period,they discussed 
the product processing techniques,material,tolerance,applications and surface 
treatments.The most difficult point was surface treatment, because Joe didn't know what 
surface treatment was done, but it was especially simple for our engineers.After our 
engineer looked at the sample, he immediately said that this is sandblasting and black 
powder coating. We can make it exactly the same as the sample.Joe was very happy to 
hear that, and said that our engineer was really professional and they were very 
reassured by giving us the products.Finally, Joe praised Helen to Mike. He said Helen's 
service was very considerate, her advice was professional, and her communication was 
not only timely, fast, but also easy to understand.Including this time, although she was on 
vacation in Thailand, she smooth managed to arrange this efficient and enjoyable 
meeting. Therefore, he was confident to hand over the cases to Helen and LML.That’s 
why he had already cooperated with LML for five different cases and products for only 
half a year.

Because Joe had other work arrangements, he didn't stay for a dinner at the end. He said 
it is better to eat together with Helen during his next visiting.Everyone is looking forward 
to it.