Old friends, we meet again!

Old friends, we meet again!


on 11th September, our old friends Philip and Jeremy visited our LML company.

Old friends, we meet again!
                                          Old friends, we meet again!

on 11th September, our old friends Philip and Jeremy visited our LML company.
Philip and Jeremy are our friends who have been cooperating with us for 6 years. The friendship 

with them is deep. Being on business together, traveling together, exploring food together, and 

researching product together.Our main cooperative products are small metal stamping parts and 

automatic lathe parts, etc.The main purpose of their visit was to cooperate with their new 

products, because the new products involved more complicated processes and materials, so they 

came along to confirm the feasibility and some core details, by the way, they have to visited other 

suppliers in other parts of China.

At 19:30 pm on the 10th September  ,their plane arrived at Shenzhen Airport. Helen and Jack 

drove to the airport in advance to wait for them. As soon as they arrived at the airport, we 

successfully picked them up and drove them to the hotel. On the way to the hotel, Helen talked 

to them about the recent situation, and she was so happy when she saw both of them after one 

year.It was already 21 o'clock when they arrived at the hotel. Philip and Jeremy didn't have dinner 

and only ate a light meal on the plane, but they refused to ask for a dinner by Helen, because for 

them, rest was more important than eating.When the hotel was checked in, the hotel waiter was 

very enthusiastic about sending cookies to fill our hunger.Their thoughtfulness was worthy of 

being a five-star hotel.The front desk of the hotel was foreign waiters, so they have no obstacles 

to communication, and Helen was light-hearted. We arranged to their stay and went back .We 

made an appointment at 8:30 the next morning to pick them up to visit our factory.
At 7:00 am on the 10th September, Helen and Jack set off for the hotel to pick them up. At 9 

o'clock , we went to the mold factory first, we visited, communicated and exchanged a lot. They 

also saw the ISO of our mold factory and some other documents that proved our strength.Philip 

and Jeremy gave thumbs up to our profession.It was 11 o'clock after visiting the mold factory. 

Helen took them back to the office for a short break and discussion.We prepared some local 

fruits, tea and coffee in advance, and two days after is the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn 

Festival, we also prepared some moon cakes.In the pantry, several of our old friends 

communicated with them very pleasure and fun. Jeremy ate two moon cakes continuous. If he 

had to havelunch, he might want to eat one more.Helen prepared a gift for them, Chinese Zodiac 

paper-cut. It's very beautiful gifts, and there were also Chinese and English explanations from the 

12 Chinese zodiac. They liked it very much and said it's a exquisite Chinese handicraft, they would 

bring back to the UK and show to their colleagues and family.We ate, drank and talked for an 

hour or so, after we took some photos we went out to eat.At 13 o'clock,the meal was over, 

because of the time was so urgent, we didn’t take a break and we directly went to the stamping 

workshop. The new products requirements were very strict, so they learned more and 

detailed.From machine tonnage, machine age, inspection tools, to personnel training tables, etc. 

they were all viewed one by one.Time flies,at a blink of an eye, it arrived at 16:30 pm. Because 

their next trip has been arranged, they have to left our company.

Philip and Jeremy are very hard on business trips abroad. In order to promote the smooth 

progress of the case, they have been on a business trip three times in Hebei. The food and 

accommodation conditions were very poor, but they still insisted on it. Each time of business trip 

at least one week .

I admire their hard work and serious and responsible, which is worth learning for everyone on our 

team.I am very pleased that Philip and Jeremy can come to our factory and office for guidance 

and look forward to seeing you next time!