Three Customers Visited LML

Three Customers Visited LML


On December 11 , 2019,LML welcomed three customers.

Three Customers Visited LML
                                                     Three customers visited LML
On December 11 , 2019,LML welcomed three customers. 
The customers who came for us this time were Clint and Scott and the beautiful translator 

Stephanie.Our colleagues got up at 6 o'clock in the morning and drove to Shenzhen to pick them 

up. They reached our company at about 9 o'clock.We greeted each other warmly and entertained 

them with our prepared snacks and fruits,then we started to discuss the purpose of this trip-

tongs and filter baskets.We have been running this case for 2 months and making a sample many 

times. The case is very complicated and demanding. It has been run back and forth many times. 

Because of this case, our boss went to Taizhou to meet our supplier, they found the source of 

some problems, and then they discussed the solution to solve this problems.This is our first 

cooperation with Clint and Scott, but they are very satisfied with our attitude and service, the 

sample phase is qualified, because the number of samples is small, the surface can control well, 

but mass production requires us to find a better way to control surface better.We discussed the 

details together. The sales Sunny prepared the PPT specifically, and she listed the current 

problems and suggestions. We faced the screen and discussed one by one, and it was over in the 

morning, PPT explained after that, the answers to all the questions were basically 

Clint and Scott also specially brought us two boxes of chocolates, which are super 

delicious. Our colleagues have taken the customers' heart and were very moved. Sunny also 

prepared three of the gifts for them, and the customers were very happy.We went to eat lunch 

together and after taking a break, we took them to our factory. He praised our factory and said 

that he had never seen such a clean and tidy factory, They saw a lot of samples and said that they 

are very confident that our company can do their produce. They are very satisfied with this trip 

and look forward to our longer-term cooperation and exchanges in the future.We also hope more 

and more customers will cooperate with LML and visit our factory. I would like to promote it 

again:LML is a company which is professional for producing customized metal parts,main 

products include:CNC machining parts,automatic lathe parts,rivets,silver contacts and metal 

stamping parts.We have been focusing on this industry from 1998 and we could provide one-

stop service to our customers.Helping with design-making drawings-making samples-mass 

production-doing inspection-assembly-packaging and shipping.We believe LML will become a 

reliable partner of your company.LML is willing to work with you joining hands --common 

development for a better future.