Old Friends Visited LML Again

Old Friends Visited LML Again


On December 12 , 2019,LML welcomed three customers again.

Old Friends Visited LML Again
                       Old friends visited LML again
On December 12 , 2019,LML welcomed three customers again. 
Today's customer is our old friend -Vladimir and Bretislav & Martina, who has been to our 

company more than three times, so this time we directly booked a business seat for them and 

picked them up at around ten o'clock to reach our company.Similarly, we greeted each other 

warmly and entertained them with our prepared snacks and fruits. Because we are old friends, we 

talked a lot about the past memories, we shared the work and life of each other and we keep 

laughing loudly. Mike also took out the phone translator APP,the phone translator APP translates 

Mike's words directly into Czech and pronounce them,haha, they found it particularly 

interesting and have fun.Of course we also discussed the cases currently under way. The products 

we have cooperated with for a long time are mainly stamping, small stamping clips and springs. 

This time they happened to take away a bag of springs directly, saving time and money.We talked 

about the case now with the product and drawings, no problem. It ’s time to share gifts with 

each other later. Helen also prepared paper cuts for the Chinese zodiac this time. They opened it 

and saw that it was exquisite and liked Chinese culture. We according to their age and told them 

The Chinese zodiac, Martina was particularly happy, she said that she likes monkeys in 

particular,she never thought that her zodiac signs in China are also monkeys.They also brought a 

few gifts packed them with exquisite wrapping paper. I felt that each of them were so sweet 

heart,each time they came would to bring a gift that was so preciousness from so far way, and 

they still carefully selected. Each customer is also very polite and patient, they giving us more 

tolerance, and many places are worthy of us learning. We will also give more tolerance to our 

supplier friends. We went to eat together at noon. We found the photos of their visited a few 

years ago. Memories was emerged, looking at the present, they compared with the past, 

everyone remembered many beautiful common memories. 

Please click here for the link for they visited LML last time .http://www.lmlmetalparts.com/n1809463/Czech-Friends-Visiting-Our-Company-The-Third-Time.htm

The process of customers becoming friends is really beautiful, we cherish the emotions each 

customer gives us. We hope more and more customers will cooperate with LML and visit our 

factory. I would like to promote it again:LML is a company which is professional for producing 

customized metal parts,main products include:CNC machining parts,automatic lathe 

parts,rivets,silver contacts and metal stamping parts.We have been focusing on this industry from 

1998 and we could provide one-stop service to our customers.Helping with design-making 

drawings-making samples-mass production-doing inspection-assembly-packaging and 

shipping.We believe LML will become a reliable partner of your company.LML is willing to work 

with you joining hands --common development for a better future.