LML Are Already At Work

LML Are Already At Work


Thank you very much for your care and we appriate your concern. LML team and our families are all fine and health,we are already at work .

LML Are Already At Work
                    LML Are Already At Work

As we all know, a novel coronavirus occurred during the Spring Festival 

in China, the virus was worse than everyone thought and spread faster 

than everyone thought,But fortunately, LML team and our families are all 

fine and health,we are already at work .Thank you very much for your 

care and we appreciated your concern.

During the epidemic period, our customers have always cared about us, 

and many customers have supported us as usual. They have placed order 

and payed, but affected by a novel coronavirus, our government 

announced all enterprises will remain closed till February 17.Only our 

office staff can work and can make quotations.Apparently the 

coronavirus issue will not be resolved in short period, we are afraid that 

the schedule of your order may be changed due to the delay of 

production. We'll keep you updated,please forgive me, but every factory 

in China is facing this situation.Your understanding and support will be 

highly appreciated.

Now the epidemic has been alleviated a lot under the control of the 

country. We believe that the disease will soon disappear, we will resume 

normal work and life, and welcome a beautiful spring.

We are always online, if you have any questions, you can contact us at 

any time. Some of our goods can be produced as usual, such as metal 

stamping parts,rivet ,eyelet,electrical silver contacts,small cnc

machining part ect,if you need ,you can contact us right now,we will do

our best service and quality to complete your order support for us.