Love My Life

Love My Life


Today is the birthday of our colleague, all the company members celebrate her birthday.

Love My Life
                            Love My Life
When i was a child, birthday means my father and mother's love, a delicious cake, and a toy I missed for a long time;

When i was in school, birthday means a carnival with friends and classmates, blessings from classmates, surprises from friends;

Now when i'm working, birthday means a blessing of colleagues, expectation of the future, and yearning for life.
In order to express careness and love for our colleagues, LML will hold a small celebration for the 

colleague who came to the company's first birthday. Today, April 17, was the birthday of our 

partner Seadyn, so I planned a few days in advance,i hoping to make each birthday celebration 

meaningful and unique, and can make our colleagues leave a good memory for the future .

Happy Birthday To You~

Happy Birthday To You~

Happy Birthday To You~

Happy Birthday To You~

As usual, I booked the cake one day in advance and bought some fruit snacks.Other colleagues 

simply decorated in the meeting room. All the friends and Mike also gathered in the small 

meeting room to celebrate our warm and happy Birthday Party. Seadyn is our foreign trade 

operation, quiet and tender, she usually doesn't talk much (relative to our other friends), and she 

can always take into account the feelings of other friends.

I often thinking that we meet each other at different times, but why do we as a group of people 

can make trouble together, make fun of each other, and can also be partners together and have 

the same impression. Because we are all emotional and grateful people, cherish what we have 

now, LML-Love My Life, love work and love life. Finally, I wish Seadyn have a happy birthday, and 

wish each of us enjoy every day at the company.