A happy party

A happy party


Every event is very grateful for the

support of the company's team building funds, and organize the event by yourself,

there will not be too many restrictions, once again feel the warmth of LML and

very humanized management, we in the big family are very proud!

A happy party
                                                                 A Happy Party
It was agreed that we would have dinner together at work after the new year before. Later, 

because of the epidemic, for the safety of everyone and everyone also was very busy, we never 

went out to gather up to now. Now the domestic epidemic situation is relatively stable, and the 

newly joined small partners have successively billed one after another. We decided to carry 

out small-scale activities to take everyone out to relax. 
The weather forecast two days before the event showed rain on Saturday, so we discussed the 

choice of indoor activities. Of course, the way of relaxation for contemporary young people is 

inseparable from eating. After some discussion, it was finally decided that the long-lost Haidilao 

and KTV, singing can enhance everyone's feelings and make us relax. 
On Saturday morning,everyone weared a mask. We also prepared a small bottle of sprinkler 

alcohol to protect ourselves.We arrived at Mission Hills New City in Shenzhen at about 10:30, 

because it was still early, so we went to the first floor of the shopping mall for a meeting. We 

arrived in Haidilao around 11 o'clock. Before entering the store, we took the temperature and 

disinfected the alcohol. I have to say that Haidilao's service is really good. The waiters are very 

enthusiastic. My colleague Jack is from Henan. The young lady who happened to serve our table 

is also from Henan. The young lady's service is very intimate and I am very happy to chat with all 

of us. During the period, David told a joke: A Haidilao waiter resigned from Haidilao. Others 

asked him why. He said that when he dumped the ramen, he accidentally hung it on the guest's 

neck. This situation attracted us to laugh. Laughing constantly, as the saying goes, smile for less 

than ten years, no wonder our colleagues are always so young and energetic.
After eating and drinking, we decided to go to another battlefield-KTV. When we came to the 

KTV box, we first did a simple disinfection of the box, including the box toilet, and it was safe to 

play. Everyone sings their favorite songs and eats snacks, which is very pleasant. The most 

touching thing is the small surprise prepared by the newcomers Lanna and David. They secretly 

bought a cake for everyone with the broken egg red envelopes awarded by Mike on Friday. The 

gold ingot chocolate on the cake, as well as the US dollars and blessings, are also very suitable. i 

believe we will definitely become rich and beautiful in this year. After eating the cake, there are 

also many snacks and fruits. Everyone was very supportive and sang to order. Everyone decided 

to simply eat Wuhan hot dry noodles. After coming out of KTV, it was already raining heavily. It 

was inconvenient to continue to hang out and play, so everyone went home to rest after eating.

A joyful gathering ended, although simple but real. Every meeting will be touched; every 

communication will increase our feelings; we are more familiar with each other, we are more 

intimate. Every event is very grateful for the support of the company's team building funds, and 

organize the event by yourself, there will not be too many restrictions, once again feel the 

warmth of LML and very humanized management, we in the big family are very proud!