Happy winter solstice

Happy winter solstice


The winter solstice is as important as the New year

Happy winter solstice
                                    Happy winter solstice
Today is December 21, 2020, which is also the "winter solstice" in the 24 solar terms. I have heard 

a saying very early: "The winter solstice is as important  as the New year." In order to let everyone 

feel the festive atmosphere, the company specially arranged this afternoon host a small activity 

"making dumplings".
Southerners eat glutinous rice balls

The traditional custom of eating glutinous rice balls during the winter solstice is very popular in 

the southern region. glutinous rice balls is an indispensable delicacy for the winter solstice 

festival. Glutinous rice balls are round "small balls" made by kneading glutinous rice flour and 

water. In order to taste good, black sesame and other auxiliary materials are usually added to the 

inside. "Yuan" means consummation and reunion, symbolizing family reunion.
Northerners eat dumplings

There are many sayings about eating dumplings in the winter solstice, and there are two that 

have been generally recognized. One is to commemorate the grace of "medicine saint" Zhang 

Zhongjing "Quhan Jiao Er Tang". There is still a folk song in Nanyang that "If you don't eat a bowl 

of dumplings in the winter solstice, maybe you can't handle the cold of winter". The second is 

that folklore experts believe that the winter solstice is the day when yin and yang meet, so eating 

dumplings on this day means "obeying the will of God." In the past farming society, people who 

had worked for a year took advantage of the winter solstice day to reunite and rest, by the way, 

to reward the family for their hard work over the past year.
Eat glutinous rice balls and dumplings 

In LML, where cultures coexist, of course, it is to eat dumplings and glutinous rice balls. Uncle 

chopped the meat in advance, and the colleagues got off work 40 minutes early to participate in 

making dumplings together. Colleagues from different provinces across the country, the 

dumplings we make are also in different shapes, but they do not hinder the deliciousness. 

Everyone on the table carefully wraps it up, more people do things faster, and everything is done 

in a short time. The boys are in charge of the kitchen, and the girls are sitting and playing with 

their phones. Haha, the hot dumplings on the table and the sweet glutinous rice balls will make 

this winter warmer. Everyone was so satisfied with their food that they went home slowly.