Commemoration of the first anniversary of joining the company and the first transaction

Commemoration of the first anniversary of joining the company and the first transaction


Commemoration of the first anniversary of employment and the first transaction

Commemoration of the first anniversary of joining the company and the first transaction
Commemoration of the first anniversary of joining the company and the first transaction
Today is December 22, 2020,Early this morning,Seadyn informed everyone that there would be a 

morning meeting after everyone was gathered.We were confused,the morning meeting was held 

yesterday, but what happened to the morning meeting today?
It turns out that today is another big day to celebrate. On December 23 last year, our kind, 

gentle and virtuous Lucy formally joined the LML family, so today December 22 is just the first 

anniversary of her coming to the company. Congratulations to Lucy for "Happy One Year 

The arrival of Lucy brought us so many good memories.

First of all, she quickly integrated with us. When she first joined the company, it was just at 

the end of the year. The first group activity she participated in was dancing.Lucy has the same 

topic with us . She naturally exposed her love of eating. Haha, we all think that Lucy is a very 

genuine person.

Secondly, in terms of work, she has made rapid progress. Although the personnel is a new job for 

her to change careers, she is very handy in dealing with work matters, and soon started the 

recruitment of talents, constantly screening in the vast resume , Successively found colleagues 

who matched us. And the company's system is becoming more and more perfect, all thanks to 

the existence of Lucy.

Once again in life, Lucy is our big housekeeper and often reminds everyone to set the alarm 

clock. The integration of newcomers is also inseparable from her careful guidance. Everyone will 

communicate with her if they have any questions. She also pays attention to the work and life of 

each small partner. We always call her a close lady. This is very valuable for many people who 

work as personnel posts.So what kind of awards would we give to a junior who is so excellent in 

all aspects?Mike revealed the answer for us: "Corporate Culture Practice Award".
After celebrating Lucy's one-year anniversary, the following is our Yvonne's first transaction 

ceremony.Yvonne joined on November 23. She have been employed for less than a month and 

she made her first order in LML on December 10, and once again refreshed the record of the 

fastest order issued by LML.
Just like what Helen said when she giving Yvonne the first transaction, from 0 to 1 is often the 

hardest, just like earning the first million in life may take 5, 8 or 10 years, but waiting for 

you When earning the second 1 million, this time period may become a third or even a quarter of 

the time required for the first 1 million. Therefore, awarding the first transaction award is 

not only a reward but also a motivation for a new business person.

For being able to issue orders so quickly, Yvonne also thanked each partner for their great 

help. Each partner carefully prepared her training, from printed A4 documents to Exquisite PPT 

page after page, and then to every sentence carefully and patiently explained. Everyone is very 

busy with their work, but when they are assigned to the training tasks for Yvonne, they are very 

serious and responsible in preparing. She said that she was very lucky to meet such a good 

platform and professional guide, but all the good things are given to each other, so we also wish 

our Yvonne to be able to do as you wish, on such a good platform as LML Earn more than 1 

million in it. 

Attached is a group photo of the growing team of the Sales department. I wish all members of 

the Sales department have a great performance!