Let’s go play!

Let’s go play!


April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.

Let’s go play!

Lets go play!

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.Do you like April? The weather is warm and comfortable ,we can feel the breeze, hear the birds and smell the flowers, just like our team building activity this time ~ cheerful, happy, and extra bright!

On April 16th, we planned a team building activity to share our happiness and celebrate what we gain in work and life.We dont work or think that day, just to experience the beauty of life and the happiness of friends. Next, let's have a look at our activity!

Game 1: Grabbing Water

The host prepare 7 bottles of water and put them on the ground. 14 colleagues stand face to face, divided into two groups pk. The host said 3, 2, 1, grab, and the two face-to-face people grab the one in front of them. The bottle of water, whoever grabs it, belongs to whoever gets it. Mainly exercise the reaction speed of the players. I have to boast about this. I expected that those who can grab the water bottle are by no means weak, and I heard that they are easy to scratch their hands, so in order to be able to win easily and win without wanting to be scratched, I deliberately grabbed the bottle body when grabbing the water bottle and took it. Keep it steady without scratching your hands, and grab the water bottle smoothly!

Game 2: Walking together


Each member of the two groups ties their left and right feet together, on the same prop rope, and walks at the same pace. The host sets the starting point and the ending point. The two groups start from the starting point at the same time. Whichever team's last player's foot crosses the ending point first, whichever team wins, mainly tests the cooperation of the players. In the end, Jake led his team to defeat the other group.

Game 3: Crossing ending point

This game is quite physically consuming. The host sets the starting point and ending point. The captain takes 2 bricks to move forward, and the feet cannot occupy the ground. After the previous player reaches the ending point, the next player takes over. Which team crosses the ending point firstwhich team wins. This will test everyone's physical coordination. Some colleagues pass it easily, but some of them have little coordination and take a little time, which is very interesting.

Game 4: Guessing where I am

This is the most interesting game in this time. After the players on both sides are in place, they put on blindfolds and widen the distance between the two.At the beginning of the game, the two sides turned around and started to fight. The first to hit the opponent wins, and the one who wins stays to continue the competition, but can only play from top to bottom, and is not allowed to sweep. I have to say about the strongest player in this game - Sunny! She defeated all the members of the group with absolute calmness and one-shot accuracy, and successfully won the title of Blindfolded Queen. Just like sunny treats her work, she can always quickly understand the customer needs and provide thoughtful service, then the client is also very satisfied with her efficiency and service.

There are also many game and entertainment activities, so I won't introduce them one by one, but put a few photos to let you feel everyone's happiness.

This team building activity has come to an end here! Thanks to the careful organization of the planning department, everyone had a great time. Remember to always keep your passion for life! Positive about work! Take responsibility for your life! Shine bright in your area of expertise!