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Can LML provide assemble finished product for our customers?

A:We have perfect matching system which includes high quality materials suppliers ,high capacity production workshop,surface treatment workshop and even assembly workshop,so we are absolutely able to produce a perfect finished product for you! 

How does LML control the quality?

A:a.We have being concentrating on the hardware industry for more than 10 years ,have rich experience and very mature technology.  b.Our principle is that no products are allowed to be produced without confirmation of the samples and drawings,meanwhile the products will be monitored during the whole process,the production will be shut down to adjust and there is a final inspection of mixture to guarantee quality.The photos of the products and packing will be sent to you to confirm,so there is no doubt about the quality of our products.

Can LML help our customers design LOGO?

A:Not only can LML help our customers design LOGO,but also we can make Logo with different ways,such as silk-screen ,laser,stamp and so on. 

Can LML offer special materials?

A:LML can offer several kinds of special materials such as Tin,Nickel,Titanium etc,so if you need special material for one product,we will select a suitable and  reliable supplier which can offer this kind of material to produce the product. 

Can LML help our customers select materials?

A:Our engineers are very familiar with all kinds of materials in hardware industry,meanwhile they know the functions of our products very well.All you have to do is tell us the usage and function of your product,we will help you to choice the most suitable material for the product. 

What surface treatment can LML do?

A:Our company can do various surface treatments such as plating(Nickel plating,Chromate treatment,Zinc plating,Tin plating,Silver plating,Gold plating etc),electrophoresis,anodizing,powder coated, painting etc. 

How to provide accurate price?

A:No supplier can guarantee 100% accurate pricing, but LML could helps customers reduce this situation from our quotation process.In our quotation process,our engineer must calculate material costing,production time,surface treatment costing before give a price,so every price is not arbitrarily given to the customer. 

For metal stamping parts,Can LML provide samples for testing before the mould is opened?

A:Yes,LML can provide handmade samples for testing before open mould if you want. Handmade samples no need to make big and complex metal stamping mould and the cost is very low, it’s no need to choose to make mould if the design is not confirmed, thus avoiding to pay high fee for mold modification because of design change .We all know the mass production of metal stamping parts need metal stamping mould to finish,but some of the customers’ product design is not confirmed,they want to change something according to the samples test result,and need samples confirmation before start mass production,some customers request make mould directly to make samples,so we will do it as customers’ different requirements. LML is willing to provides handmade samples to help the customer to complete the test, also willing to start to open mould after customers confirm the design and handmade samples.

Which occasion is countersunk head rivet suitable?

A: Countersunk head rivets are widely used in automobiles, vehicles, mechanical and electrical products,building decoration and household appliances. It is suitable for the occasion which the screws screwing in, the strength requirements are not high and the thread diameter is less than 10mm. When it rivets, all or part of head will sink into the connection. This riveting structure is mainly used for the occasion that the surface of connection is smooth, such as the instrument surface.

Which occasion is tubular rivets and semi-tubular rivet suitable?

A:Tubular rivets are used for electrical products, materials and copper alloy.Semi-tubular rivet is actually a kind of ordinary solid rivet improved by the nail rod. 

How long will the stamping die take?

A:Generally speaking, it usually takes about 10-20 days to make stamping die and samples.It depend on the complexity of the product.

What are the types and uses of rivets?

A:Rivets can be divided into many different types according to different categories: solid rivets, tubular rivets, semi-tubular rivets, round-head rivets and split rivets.


A rivet is a permanent mechanical joint which are broadly used to jointstructure, ships, barrels etc. These joints are widely used in ship and boilerindustries to join the structure member.A rivet is a mechanical joint which is cylindrical in shape and having ahead. It is used to joint structure member. It is a permanent joint which meanthat it cannot be disassembled without failure of machine component. This jointform interference fit to joining the parts. Rivets apply mechanical force onthe two plates which joint the plates permanently.The process by which two plates are joints together by use of rivet is called riveting. In this process mechanical force is applied to make the joint strong and leak proof. In this operation two holes are created in both plates and the rivet is inserted between these holes. At the other end a force is applied through a die which deform the tail plastically and form a required shapes which hold the rivet in the hole and apply a mechanical pressure force which joint the structure. This process is shown by figure.Types of Rivets:Rivets are used as permanent fastener in mechanical industries. It is less costly and effective way of joining a structure. According to the requirement, rivets are available in many shapes and sizes. According to the design of rivets, these are classified as follow.Solid rivets:Solid rivets used in many structure members such as in ships, Bridge etc. but now days these rivets are almost replaced by welding and brazing. According to head design these are as follow:Round Head Rivet:                           Countersunk Head Rivet:                  Oval Countersunk Head Rivet:           Blind Rivets:Blind rivets are also known as hollow rivets. These rivets are used widely in aircraft industries, shipping industries and in many electronics industries. The main advantage of these rivets that they have the fastest rate of installation among all fasteners. One more benefit is that this can be install from the single side. A blind rivet is used when it is impossible to seen rivet tail. Riveted Joints:There are two types of rivet joints.1. Lap jointWhen the plates to be joint, are bring together which overlap each other at face, and rivet inserted in overlap section as shown in figure, the joint is known as lap joint.           According to the number of rows of rivets and its arrangement, this joint is further classified as followSingle riveted lap joint:In this joint, the rivets are inserted in the single line, that's why it is called as single riveted lap joint.Double riveted lap joint:In this joint, the rivets are inserted in the double line, that's why it is called as double riveted lap joint.Chain riveted lap joint:Zig-Zag riveted lap joint:2. Butt joint:In this type of rivet joint both plates are bring together without overlap each other and joint are made by use of one or two cover plate as shown in figure.According to cover plates, number of rows of rivets and arrangement, this joint is classified as follow.Single straps butt joint:In this joints, there is only one cover plate used so it is known as single strap butt joint.  Double straps butt joint:In this joint cover plates are used both side of the work piece, so it is known as double straps butt joint. Single riveted butt joint:Double riveted butt joint:Chain riveted butt joint:Zigzag riveted butt joint:In Addition, there are many other common types of rivets such assemi tubular rivet, hollow rivet, split rivet, shoulder rivet and so on. For more information,please click “industries encyclopedia”LML is mainly specialized in manufacturing metal hardware parts for various industries including electronics, electrical appliances, furniture, building, toys, automobile parts, motorcycle parts, machine parts, kitchen accessories and so on.  Rivet has been always our superior products,we can manufacture different types of rivets in avariety of sizes and thicknesses in accordance with our customers' unique demand. The best selling types of our rivets aresemi tubular rivet, hollow rivet, solid rivet, split rivet, mate rivet. You can select what you want refer to the following picture.Please click the picture to learn more about our products!!Contact UsCompany Name: LML Metal Products LtdE-mail :sales@lmlmetalproducts.comWhatsApp: 008613809265764Tel: 0086 0769 87910446 / 82866227 Mobile Phone: 0086 13809265764Website: www.lmlmetalparts.com / http://www.lmlmetalproducts.cn / http://www.lmlmetalwork.com/