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Why 5-Axis CNC Machining Has Superior Advatages?

Why 5-Axis CNC Machining Has Superior Advatages? Why 5-Axis CNC Machining Has Superior Advatages?"5-Axis" generally refers to the ability of a CNC machine to move the tool in five directions, which belongs to a high precision production technology.In a 5-axis machine, the center can rotate in two additional axes, A and B. With 5-axis machining technology, it is easier to move a tool or part in 5 different axes simultaneously. This technique is of great help in machining complex parts. Therefore, this technology is widely used in aerospace applications. This article discusses the advantages of 5-axis CNC machining in detail.Advantages of five-axis CNC machiningThere are many benefits to using 5-axis CNC machining technology, as follows:1. Simple setup: 5-axis CNC machine makes it possible, as well as easy machining of complex shapes in one setup. It doesn't need to be set multiple times, which can lead less to bugs. A single setup helps reduce manufacturing time and increases productivity. In addition to shortening lead times, this processing technology also helps increase production and cash flow.2. Improve accuracy: The workpiece does not move during the 5-axis CNC machining process, so that higher part accuracy can be achieved.3. Faster cutting speed: Since 5-axis CNC machining allows simultaneous movement along both X and Y axes, you can use shorter, stronger tools. Using shorter and stiffer cutting tools facilitates faster cutting speeds with minimal or negligible vibration.4. Superior Surface Treatment: Shorter tools used during 5-axis CNC machining help achieve superior surface finish for better part quality.5. Ability to machine complex parts: With this machining technology, you can manufacture extremely complex machine parts in less time and at lower cost. Applications using 5-axis CNC machining5-axis CNC machining technology is used in many applications because of the many advantages it offers. Here are some of the main applications for machining with 5-axis CNC:1. Optical equipment2. Medical Devices3. Satellite4. AircraftAs a result, 5-axis CNC machines are gaining popularity and are a must for many modern designs. If you want to manufacture products with high precision in less time, then 5-axis machining services may be for you. You can speak to CNC machining experts who will help you with your machining needs.


GALLERY OF CNC MACHINED PARTS CNC refers to Computerized Numerical Control Machining. It is a technique, which is used to carry out a variety of tasks related to manufacturing. All the manufacturing tasks performed by the CNC machines are done with the help of computerized devices. There have been several advancements in machining techniques. Manual machines got replaced by CNC machines with the help of CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Machining). The machines today are capable of performing a wide range of tasks with excellent precision. Allowing for more automated control, the modern machines help increase the productivity.

Could I have a look at your production facility for sliver contacts?

Capability to Produce High Precision Contacts Rivet Production Equipment (Die and Mold Processing Workshop)       There are 120 riveting machines, including 16 trimetal riveting machines of 5 types. Based on the cooperation between the company and domestic rivet machine manufacturers, we independently develops, designs and improves them, which is at the leading level in China. At the same time, it is equipped with mold design and processing workshops, which can meet the production and processing requirements of products of different materials and specifications. The monthly production capacity of rivets reaches 100million.       The self-developed automatic control device for rivet production process is now the third generation product, whose operability and control accuracy have been greatly improved. While reducing the labor intensity of workers, the scrap rate has been greatly reduced. The primary yield of the product has increased from 97% in the past to more than 99% now.      The imported rivet screening device has an accuracy of 0.03mm. Depending on the axial and radial size advantages, the key points can be selected, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of mixed batch and the screening of rivets with strict size requirements Production Equipment (Cold Heading & Stamping Workshop) Production Equipment(Surface Treatment Workshop) Production Equipment(Die and Mold Processing Workshop) Test equipment for Quality Inspection Micro-hardness tester, atomic absorption spectrometer, spectrophotometer, Brinell hardness tester, tool microscope, metallographic microscope, 3D image instrument, electronic universal testing machine, electronic balance

Why should we choose the composite contact rivet instead of solid contact?

Why should we choose the composite contact rivet instead of solid contact?    The contact is based on copper and silver is composite , which can greatly save the cost (compared with the overall contact, it can save 50-75% of the silver alloy), save precious metal resources, which is also a revolution in the contact industry. Bimetal and trimetal rivets are widely used in AC contactor auxiliary contacts, relays, switches, household appliances, timers and other low-voltage appliances. The overall copper contact has low acid-base resistance and oxidation resistance, so the copper silver plating can improve the contact quality without increasing the cost too much; The whole silver (silver alloy) contact has good burn resistance and fusion welding resistance, low contact resistance and stable temperature rise. It is the first choice for medium and high-end contacts, but the cost is high, which is not conducive to saving resources. The contact is based on copper and silver is composite , which can greatly save the cost (compared with the overall contact, it can save 50-75% of the silver alloy), save precious metal resources, which is also a revolution in the contact industry. Bimetal and trimetal rivets are widely used in AC contactor auxiliary contacts, relays, switches, household appliances, timers and other low-voltage appliances.Unique Beating Techonlogy of Composite Rivets Contacts ---- Beating Technology

Detailed Description to the Processing Process of Contacts Materials ---- Professional Technology

Detailed Description to the Processing Process of Contacts Materials High voltage contacts can be made into different shapes by powder metallurgy (extrusion / sintering / infiltration). From the raw material to the silver alloy electrical contact material, from the contact, the composite strip, the component production to the pre-sales after-sale service. Our company alloy has the ability to control the whole process of production and quality. In order to ensure the stability of the product quality, the key quality control points are controlled by means of various techniques and analytical tools. The common processes of materials are powder metallurgy, alloy internal oxidation, pre-oxidation, chemical coating and so on. Taking silver tin oxide as an example, the processing process of several processes is briefly introduced in this section. Internal Oxidation AlloyCharacteristics ØDuring internal oxidation, Sn is difficult to oxidize completely Powder MetallurgyCharacteristics ØUneven distribution of SnO2 powder;Ø Poor combination strength of Ag and SnO2, poor processing performance of materials;ØThe density and resistance of the material can not reach the technological standard of internal oxidation of the alloy. Ultrasonic Chemical Coating Characteristics ØThe SnO2 powder is uniformly distributed; ØThere is no incomplete oxidation of Sn in direct use of SnO2. ØThe bonding strength between Ag and SnO2 is good, and the processing performance of the material is improved effectively; ØThe density and resistance of the material are the process reference for oxidation method in the alloy.

Let's explore rivet !

A rivet is a permanent mechanical joint which are broadly used to jointstructure, ships, barrels etc. These joints are widely used in ship and boilerindustries to join the structure member.A rivet is a mechanical joint which is cylindrical in shape and having ahead. It is used to joint structure member. It is a permanent joint which meanthat it cannot be disassembled without failure of machine component. This jointform interference fit to joining the parts. Rivets apply mechanical force onthe two plates which joint the plates permanently.The process by which two plates are joints together by use of rivet is called riveting. In this process mechanical force is applied to make the joint strong and leak proof. In this operation two holes are created in both plates and the rivet is inserted between these holes. At the other end a force is applied through a die which deform the tail plastically and form a required shapes which hold the rivet in the hole and apply a mechanical pressure force which joint the structure. This process is shown by figure.Types of Rivets:Rivets are used as permanent fastener in mechanical industries. It is less costly and effective way of joining a structure. According to the requirement, rivets are available in many shapes and sizes. According to the design of rivets, these are classified as follow.Solid rivets:Solid rivets used in many structure members such as in ships, Bridge etc. but now days these rivets are almost replaced by welding and brazing. According to head design these are as follow:Round Head Rivet:                           Countersunk Head Rivet:                  Oval Countersunk Head Rivet:           Blind Rivets:Blind rivets are also known as hollow rivets. These rivets are used widely in aircraft industries, shipping industries and in many electronics industries. The main advantage of these rivets that they have the fastest rate of installation among all fasteners. One more benefit is that this can be install from the single side. A blind rivet is used when it is impossible to seen rivet tail. Riveted Joints:There are two types of rivet joints.1. Lap jointWhen the plates to be joint, are bring together which overlap each other at face, and rivet inserted in overlap section as shown in figure, the joint is known as lap joint.           According to the number of rows of rivets and its arrangement, this joint is further classified as followSingle riveted lap joint:In this joint, the rivets are inserted in the single line, that's why it is called as single riveted lap joint.Double riveted lap joint:In this joint, the rivets are inserted in the double line, that's why it is called as double riveted lap joint.Chain riveted lap joint:Zig-Zag riveted lap joint:2. Butt joint:In this type of rivet joint both plates are bring together without overlap each other and joint are made by use of one or two cover plate as shown in figure.According to cover plates, number of rows of rivets and arrangement, this joint is classified as follow.Single straps butt joint:In this joints, there is only one cover plate used so it is known as single strap butt joint.  Double straps butt joint:In this joint cover plates are used both side of the work piece, so it is known as double straps butt joint. Single riveted butt joint:Double riveted butt joint:Chain riveted butt joint:Zigzag riveted butt joint:In Addition, there are many other common types of rivets such assemi tubular rivet, hollow rivet, split rivet, shoulder rivet and so on. For more information,please click “industries encyclopedia”LML is mainly specialized in manufacturing metal hardware parts for various industries including electronics, electrical appliances, furniture, building, toys, automobile parts, motorcycle parts, machine parts, kitchen accessories and so on.  Rivet has been always our superior products,we can manufacture different types of rivets in avariety of sizes and thicknesses in accordance with our customers' unique demand. The best selling types of our rivets aresemi tubular rivet, hollow rivet, solid rivet, split rivet, mate rivet. You can select what you want refer to the following picture.Please click the picture to learn more about our products!!Contact UsCompany Name: LML Metal Products LtdE-mail :sales@lmlmetalproducts.comWhatsApp: 008613809265764Tel: 0086 0769 87910446 / 82866227 Mobile Phone: 0086 13809265764Website: www.lmlmetalparts.com / http://www.lmlmetalproducts.cn / http://www.lmlmetalwork.com/

Why LML is a good supplier which can be trust ?

A:a.We are a well-known gold plus supplier operating on Alibaba platform for 9 years until now.b.There are many transaction records of LML on Alibaba which can be checked at any time and LML has won popular recognition from the customers domestic and foreign who had given the high praise for the perfect goods and very good services from LML.c.We have being specialising in hardware manufacturing for more then 10 years ,so we have very rich experience in hardware industry.d.We have received high praise and have very good reputation in local business district.

What advantages does LML team have?

A:LML have a big professional team,include sales team, purchasing team, engineering team,assembly team and multi-component cross-industry purchasing team.

Is LML a factory or a trading company?

A:Many customers like to ask whether an enterprise is a factory or a trading company,LML is special.To meet the diverse requirements for more customers, LML was separated from the factory became a independent trading company. LML has the advantages of both a factory and a trading company.

What products and services does LML provide?

A:LML is a company which is professional for producing customized metal parts,main products include: machining parts(CNC milling parts,CNC turning parts,lathe turning parts),stamping parts(clips,sheet metal fabrication...) and rivets(solid rivet,semi-tubular rivets,eyelet and silver contacts).We could provide one-stop service to our customers.Helping with design-making drawings-making samples-mass production-surface treatment-doing inspection-assembly-packaging and shipping.and we could provide additional services for products outside LML's business scope, and provide assistance in purchasing products-finding suppliers-arranging logistics (assembling goods from different suppliers)-assisting in factory inspection. 

What advantages do our LML team have?Compared with factory and trading company?

A:a. Relative to factory,LML team have timely response and better communication.After we are in contact with a large number of Chinese suppliers,we found that they have a common characteristic: the reply is slow and the communication is difficult and not flexible.One of their favorite saying is that this can not be done. Our LML team will not directly answer no in the same situation and we will analyze how to help customers better.We will combine the feasibility of process and the realization of product functions, and finally help customers achieve mass production.b.Relative to trading company,LML provide more technical support.In the early stage, when the customer only has a concept,LML team can help the customer to complete the drawing design.Actually,our engineers are always ready to assist in the improvement of the design in order to save costs in the medium term and achieve mass production.After sample testing and product use, the design is constantly modified and improved by LML team.From product concept to design to production to improvement, LML will always offer help to customers,rather than merely help customers complete the production.c.Provide additional services required by customers. 

Can LML quote for one product without the drawings and samples

A:In principle, LML can not provide quotation without accurate drawings and complete requirements.If you need an estimate of the cost to determine whether your idea is reasonable, LML can provide a rough quotation.In order to help you obtain accurate quotation, LML will design according to your idea, completing the drawing, then provide the quotation after you confirm the drawing.

Can LML complete the production without drawings and samples?

A:Yes,LML could complete the production.It is very necessary to test the samples and confirm the drawings before production, and LML will assist you in these steps. 

How long can LML offer the quotation with details?

A:Usually the detailed quotation will be sent to our customers within three days,but if our customer need a quotation urgently,we will give priority to dealing with this quotation within one day.